Visa Concord Property LLC

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Visa Concord Property is consistently in search of real estate investment opportunities in Tbilisi, primarily in Commercial spaces. Please contact us if you have a property for sale which:

1.Is Street Retail

2.Is centrally located on exclusive spot

3.Has a stable tenant or has potential to be well rented out

4.Competitive annual gross yield

Currently Visa Concord Property is owning and managing portfolio consisting of 5 properties valued more than 4mln $

Pushkin Str. №1

Rustaveli Avenue №36

Rustaveli Avenue №44

Rustaveli Avenue №44/II

Kote Apkhazi №22


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Real estate company

Real Estate company

Beka Metepshishvili

Business expert

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Tax ID 404526795

Orpiri str. #2, Tbilisi, Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia 

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